Frequently Asked Questions:

We price each of our website templates at an affordable $495. This includes our basic website design services for making text/image changes as requested and upon completion, transferring the website files to the clients host server.

Due to the nature of our business, we request that full payment be made before we begin work on your project. After receiving your invoice from us, you can make payment through your banking institution via Zelle.

Yes, you will have non-exclusive ownership rights to the template and may use/alter it as you wish without any further obligations to us.

Included are our services for modifying the template with your text/images, template licensing, and transferring the completed template to the clients website server host.

While we do not offer website hosting, we will gladly offer any help with your current hosting provider or help you find a new one..

Clients are free to use their existing logo but a key consideration is if your logo will work with the template that you have chosen for your new website. Most templates have space requirements that may limit how well your logo may fit the allotted space. Another consideration is the colors used in your logo versus the colors used in the template design. Logo’s that look natural and fit in well with the template design are obviously better suited than logo’s that look odd or out of place.

Often times it is best to let go of a logo that doesn’t work and have a new one made that will integrate better with the template but also give your company name a more polished and professional look. If you choose to have a new logo designed by a professional, it is best to select a template design first and then have your logo designer design a logo to fit your requirements and that of the template.

If you choose to have a professional design your logo, there are several good websites that allow professional designers to bid on your logo project. However, if you would rather have us make you a simple text logo, we will do so for no charge. We cannot though spend a great deal of time on logo revisions as this takes valuable time away from your website design project.

Clients have 30 days from the date the invoice is paid to complete their website design projects. To maintain continuity and scheduling, 30 days is normally more than enough to complete your project; with 10-14 days being the average based on client motivation.

Yes, we would be happy to add a visitor tracking analytics script to your website for an additional $125. This script provides you with an Admin Control Panel that you can log into and it will display a host of information about each visitor to your website.

Yes, we can replace any image that you are not happy with others that you find more to your liking. Please keep in mind that we want to maintain a professional website appearance and though you may like a particular image, it may not always blend in well with the website theme as it relates to colors, layout or fit and placement.

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If you need an edge over your competition, we hope you will consider one of our automotive detailing website templates to help your business grow and stand out.